14 Feb

'Damsels in Distress' előzetese

Közzétette biropk, 2012-02-14 15:20

Damsels in Distress

After becoming a mumblecore darling, the lovely Greta Gerwig (right) has since broken into mainstream cinema with No Strings Attached and Arthur, not to mention a forthcoming role in Woody Allen's next film Nero Fiddled. Now she leads the new film Damsels in Distress, the story of three girls who set out to change the male-dominated environment of the Seven Oaks college campus, and to rescue their fellow students from depression, grunge and low standards of every kind. It doesn't look like the best film, but it's not without a few charms here and there. Basically Gerwig makes it worth a moment of your time. Watch!


10 Feb

'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' előzetese

Közzétette biropp, 2012-02-10 07:17

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

"And we'll be bringing you the countdown to the end of days along with all your classic rock favorites." The poster just debuted this week, and as promised, now we have the first official trailer for the fantastic looking comedic drama Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley as an unlikely pair who develop a relationship while on one last road trip to find the former's high school sweetheart before the end of days. My only gripe is I'm not sure anyone would work anywhere if the end of the world was so near. But I digress, as it doesn't detract from how great this film looks. Watch!


10 Feb

'The Aggression Scale' előzetese

Közzétette biropp, 2012-02-10 07:16

The Aggression Scale Trailer

What is The Aggression Scale? Wow, I am very impressed, I really want to see this now! THR posted the first promo trailer for The Aggression Scale, directed by Steven C. Miller, which was just announced as a world premiere in the SXSW Film Festival's midnight category next month. The original description states: 4 hitmen + $500,000 of stolen cash + 1 family = WAR. It basically looks like a home invasion meets crazy teens, and more, horror but I love this trailer, I love the music, it looks great. The cast includes Fabianne Therese, Dana Ashbrook, Derek Mears, Jacob Reynolds and Ray Wise. Highly suggest watching!


09 Feb

'Iron Sky' előzetese

Közzétette biropcs, 2012-02-09 08:00
Iron Sky Trailer

"We come in peace!" Another new trailer, the official US theatrical trailer, has debuted for Iron Sky, the crazy upcoming dark sci-fi comedy about the invasion of Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon directed by Timo Vuorensola and starring Udo Kier, among others. While we've seen plenty of footage for this film already, including a recent Berlin teaser a few weeks ago, with the premiere coming soon and FX finally finished, they're going all out. This new trailer (via AICN) is a full-on English-language introduction to the concept and the Moon-Nazis. While the dialogue seems awfully cheesy, at least the sci-fi action looks good.

09 Feb

'The Bourne Legacy' előzetese

Közzétette biropcs, 2012-02-09 07:59

The Bourne Legacy Trailer

There was never just one... Universal has unveiled the first official teaser trailer via Apple for Tony Gilroy's The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner as the new superspy we're following, named Aaron Cross. This is a true teaser (and I love the poster), but I like how sneaky it is, all the mystery, and how it doesn't show too much. The cast includes Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, as well as Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn returning to their original roles. I'm a fan of Gilroy so I like the way this looks, but I'm still not sure about picking up after Matt Damon. Enjoy!


09 Feb

'Extraterrestre' második előzetese

Közzétette biropcs, 2012-02-09 07:58

Extraterrestre Trailer

"Love... is from another world." A brand new full-length trailer for Timecrimes director Nacho Vigalondo's new sci-fi/drama/comedy Extraterrestre, which just means Extraterrestrial in Spanish, has debuted over on Vimeo (via Bleeding Cool). Don't let that name trick you, this is barely sci-fi at all and there's not many extraterrestrials in it (no spoiler), but there is a beautiful lead actress by the name of Michelle Jenner. And you will watch this (over and over) for her alone. Julián Villagrán also stars as Julio, with Raúl Cimas and Carlos Areces. This trailer gives you an idea of the characters and how amusing is, give it a shot below.


09 Feb

'Let the Bullets Fly' előzetese

Közzétette biropcs, 2012-02-09 07:56

Let the Bullets Fly Trailer

What a fantastically entertaining teaser trailer - this looks amazing! Well Go has released a red band teaser on AICN for a Chinese film called Let the Bullets Fly, one of the highest grossing Chinese films, and it looks wacky! Don't let that title fool you, this isn't all action, it's darkly comical and just zany, but that's why it looks so good. Chow Yun-Fat stars as a bandit who poses as the mayor in a small town, but meets his match, played by (the film's director) Jiang Wen, and ends up in a "deadly battle of wit and brutality." I'm not sure everyone will be into this kind of humor, but I think it looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing it! 
06 Feb

'Take This Waltz' előzetese

Közzétette biroph, 2012-02-06 07:55

Take This Waltz Trailer

"It's a kind of longing... a kind of idiotic, marvelous, ridiculous longing." Damn, does this look good. The Playlist has found the first trailer for actress-filmmaker Sarah Polley's new film Take This Waltz, which premiered at TIFF last year. The film stars Michelle Williams as a woman "struggling to choose between two different types of love", and it looks incredibly charming, exciting, but bittersweet and potentially quite sad, but I'm very interested in seeing it. In the film, her two lovers are played by Seth Rogen and Luke Kirby, and her friend is played by Sarah Silverman. Give this trailer a watch, it looks fantastic. Enjoy!


04 Feb

'Bullhead' előzetese

Közzétette biropszo, 2012-02-04 10:53

Bullhead Trailer

"A career-defining, powerfully physical lead performance." That's Variety's quote from this trailer, and it looks like it's quite accurate. Drafthouse Films recently unveiled the official US trailer on Apple for Michael R. Roskam's Bullhead, starring Mattias Schoenaerts, the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee from Belgium. I missed this film at numerous festivals last year and it's one of those I'm now kicking myself over, as it looks tremendous. It may also be just how incredible this trailer is, the editing and tension and intensity of the characters, it's got to be hard to watch this and not say you're intrigued. Must check it out!


02 Feb

'The Dictator' előzetese

Közzétette biropcs, 2012-02-02 09:06

The Dictator

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and just like last year, many commercials (like the Ferris Bueller inspired Honda ad with Matthew Broderick) are making their way online early for more exposure. We've already gotten a tease of the TV spot for The Avengers that will air during the big game, but now we have our first full length TV spot for The Dictator, the non-mockumentary feature from Sacha Baron Cohen. Most of the footage can be found in the first trailer that was released a little while back, but there's a solid crack at the network hosting the Super Bowl this year, so that's fun. Anyway, watch the new TV spot below!